Ever since I was a child I have wanted to create, to be an artist. My favorite activities have always involved some sort of creativity. I love to try out new art materials, new techniques. I receive some of my greatest pleasure in the mystery of the creative process, in trying out new ideas, in discovering what will happen if I do something I have never done before.

Over the years I have studied and tried many different mediums. For many years I mainly worked in fiber, weaving, manipulating and sculpting with fabrics, surface design, knitting and crochet. That love of the textures and the different types of fibers led me to also fall in love with papers. I began to amass a huge collection of art papers and to also try making paper. Needing to find a use for my growing collection led to my working in collage and mixed media. I love mixing all the different materials and mediums together.

I love the hidden mystery of old discarded items, where they have been, who used them, and the beautiful patinas they acquire over time. This has also led to a growing collection of old discarded rusty, bent and broken items. Taking the old broken worn down items and incorporating them into something beautiful, giving them a new life is another area of my current work.

Deborah Gorton