About the artist:

I have a nearly idyllic setting in which to work. Living in the Colorado mountains, my studio is set in a quiet location with views of the mountains and surrounded by wildlife and the beauty of nature.

Since a young age, my favorite activity and my major interest has been in art and creativity. I continue to enjoy studying with other artists and gathering new skills and techniques to add to my work. Over the years, I have been working in many mediums including fiber art (both wearable and non-wearable), mixed media and collage, sculpture, jewelry and encaustics. I guess the term "mixed media" best describes my work as I can't seem to limit myself to one medium or material in my work. I love being able to combine many techniques, materials and textures into different pieces, both two and three dimensional.

Life for me is a constantly changing experience and my work reflects that desire for growth and change.